Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Diary of the wimpy kid


Diary of the wimpy kid

Jeff Kinney

 Greg is in middle school and he gets bulled so him and his friend and they do sports out side like soccer but just when they finish Greg sees something on the ground and if he touched it you will get the chesse touch.

 When Greg's mom and dad go away for the weekend Greg's big brother does a party but Greg got locked down in the addick but Greg gets out of the addick and gowns the party.

In the morning Rodrick and Greg wakes up and it's a mess out side and inside but just then Greg's mum and dad ring up to check on them and they say that they are coming home in a hour so they race to clean up all the mess.

Also they went to church and when Greg got out there was something on there it was mannys spur so Greg had to where a dress into the church but Rodrick puts his foot on Greg's dress and it came off. 

The book was good because it had a lot of detail and it had a bet of funny things in it most of the time not all in the book.

I don't like the book because it has more pages then I like then I usually have to read in the book.

I wood recommend this book for people that like to read novel books.






  1. I can see that you have tried hard with this novel reflection Taine. Keep on reflecting and writing and you will continue to improve. I look forward to reading more about your learning during Term 2.

  2. I like the report of the diary of the wimpy kid book and see that you have tried very hard. It has a description of has happened and describes what the book was about. Next time you could check your writing before you publish it. Keep working hard.