Monday, 14 September 2015

 The title is Bear Grylls the author is Bear Grylls the genre is non fiction.

This book is about bear grylls and a man that is going  to survive out in the wilderness for as long as they find civilisation and more nights without food or water they will  not survive.They are in a plane then Bear Grylls says some words to the man and then they jump out of the plane they go very fast in the air then they came to land on in the forest. If they go out to the wildness and get in the way of a vicious animal they will have to around it if it ways like a crocodile or a bear or a tiger or a wild pig.

I liked this book because Bear Grylls goes all around the  world even in the the desert and a whole lot other places
and I would like to be an adventurer like Bear Grylls.

The author is trying to get people to read this book because it’s an adventurous book to book to read on road trips.

I would recommend this book for all the people that want to read it when they have nothing to do.

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