Monday, 19 October 2015

You have to be a very fit person to get into the navy. You need to know where all the hangers are like the big explosion guns are. Do you like being on the boats, driving them and firing guns? I think you should think about a career in the Navy too.    

Getting into the navy

To get into the navy you have to be fit and know how the guns work on the boats. If you want to join the navy you  have to do a lot of things like you have to be 17 years old because you will get more time to be on the navy boats and fight more. You need to go to military school before you can get into the navy. You have to know where everything is on the boats then there are some very important questions you have to answer before you are allowed on the navy boat.


The people have to train for 13 weeks before you can get into the navy and if you don’t do the training you won’t know the exercises that they train for.There is over 1000 people training to be in the navy and the number of navy sailors fell from 1632 in December 2010 to 1398 and all the people that are training to get into the navy you need to go to the gym and do lots of waits to get really fit to get in the navy.

                           Other things in navy

If you want to drive the helicopters you will have to work hard for it. If you want to drive them and all the other planes on the navy boats why do you have to pass the medical test  because if you are really sick they have to test you so that's why you have to go for a medical test so you pass it.You can work the guns or drive the boat sand command the men what they have to do and also if you want to be a engineer on the boats if you are leading hands on the boats you earn about 55,000/63,000, petty officers earn about 62,000 to about 71,000, chief officers earn about 69,000 to 82,000,warrant officers earn about 75, to 92,000.

“I can imagine no more rewarding career,” said may in the New Zealand navy.I have learnt a lot from doing research to find all the facts about the navy and how all the things work.  


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