Friday, 11 December 2015

What are some good places to look for pigs?
what are some of the places that the people hunt for pigs like up north or down in the south?
can you use any guns to go pig hunting like using a slung gun or a 22?    

The dogs have a tracker color around their neck so the guys know where the dogs are and if they have caught a pig or not the male pigs are called boars because that’s what they call them overseas or they might call them that her too or not and if you don’t have tracker collars on the dogs you won’t know where the dogs are and they will be out in the wild for a long time if you don’t have a tracker color on them.

There are some spots where the pigs live and where they breed at. There is a lot of colored pigs like brown, black white, and, black and there are like black spots on the pig's back the best place way to kill the pig is to cut its throat because that’s when they bleed out.

There is lots of places where the pigs live like in the forest on islands around water and in heaps of countries around the world you can have pigs as pets or you can kill them for meat and bacon to eat and a lot more stuff.     

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